Creditexpress Energy Saving: The “Clean” Loan


CreditExpress Energy Saving Unicredit consists of a loan designed for those who want to finance the energy upgrading works of their home.


It is an excellent product compared to other loans because it is designed precisely for this purpose: it is in fact a loan that allows the work of energy renovation of the home to be paid for.

In recent years, many budget laws have encouraged, with large reductions, even 50% or more , the interventions to energetically redevelop the house for above all economic and environmental interests. This makes increasing the use of this type of investment and also the access to specialized loans designed specifically for this purpose, such as CreditExpress Energy Savings Unicredit.

Personal loan and finalized for the purpose foreseen by the contract, CreditExpress Energy Saving Unicredit provides from a minimum of 5 thousand euros up to a maximum of 75 thousand euros. The installments are repayable according to a repayment plan ranging from 36 months to a maximum of 120 months.


The loan is credited directly to a Unicredit current account or a prepaid rechargeable Genius Card (only if the loan is for a maximum of 30 thousand euros). Or, CreditExpress Energy Savings Unicredit is uploaded to the current account of another institution.


However the interest rate is fixed .


However the interest rate is fixed .


The Unicredit CreditExpress Energy Savings personal loan is repayable in flexible installments and without having to present property guarantees. It is also possible to round the amount of the installment and if you want to have less thoughts you can opt for automatic debiting on the current account.


Moreover Unicredit CreditExpress Energy Savings is a finalized loan , as we have seen: this means that it is necessary to declare what it is used for (to pay for interventions of energy requalification of the house). It cannot therefore be used for other purposes than the specific one indicated.

The contract in question, which is increasingly used to request liquidity to manage the payment of energy requalification, also allows the contract to be terminated without paying penalties within 14 days of signing, notifying the bank and sending a registered letter to the Unicredit branch of reference.

Furthermore, CreditExpress Energy Savings Unicredit can be repaid early and in this way a reduction in the cost of credit is obtained.

On the subject of energy requalification, we need to know that the Legislative Decree n. 63 of 04/06/2013 also allows access to tax breaks. For this type of intervention, the TAN is fixed at 6.50% and for other interventions it is 11.90%, while the APR in the case of tax relief is 12.97% , otherwise it is 7.05% .


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