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The Unicredit Loans for pensioners inps are mainly present in the classic form of the sale of the fifth, a type of personal loan that in recent years is increasingly widespread.

As is known, the salary assignment consists of a personal loan which is paid directly and which is reimbursed not through the installments , but rather by a withdrawal at the source (and therefore from the pension or salary) by the same institution of credit, so that the repayment installment is thus guaranteed. Furthermore, it is not possible for the installment on the loan to exceed one fifth of the net total of the pension (hence the name transfer of the fifth).

As we have said, the possibility of having a loan by means of the fifth sale seems interesting for many people and above all for pensioners. Unicredit offers the possibility to retired INPS, that is to say to former workers of the public administration, to have access to a flexible and simple salary assignment. Let’s see how it works.

First of all, the sale of the fifth is aimed not only at private employees but also at public employees and, as we are saying, at retired PAs.

For pensioners of the Public Administration with the INPS agreement, the maximum amount that can be paid through the sale of the fifth Unicredit is 69 thousand euros total.

The transfer of the fifth Unicredit consists of a simple loan, as it does not require any guarantee of assets or real estate (retirement is sufficient) and flexible, because no justification should be given about the use of the sum.


The transfer of the fifth Unicredit allows to reimburse Unicredit directly through the institution that accredits the pension, ie the INPS. The reimbursement is possible in a period of time ranging from 24 to 120 months maximum from the pension , and for a maximum, as we have said, of a fifth of the total pension.

Furthermore, the insurance coverage of the sale of the fifth Unicredit is borne by the bank.


This is an opportunity for all pensioners who need a sum of up to 69,000 euros and who do not want to give expenses.



In this case, INPS pensioners can resort to the transfer of the fifth Unicredit and obtain a convenient quote in maximum 24 hours , based on the requested sum.

Unlike what happens with other forms of credit, it is a personal loan and it is not necessary to explain why it is requested.

The sale of the fifth Unicredit takes the name Quinto Più Pension Loan and can be requested by subjects whose maximum age, at the expiry of the loan, is a maximum of 80 years. However, it is necessary to sign the Vita Temporanea Caso Morte policy.



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